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New, comfortable, safe bleachers for Freeman Center fans

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YC Panthers Freeman Bleacher Challenge

Make your gift and get your name on the new Panther Wall. The wooden bleachers will find a new purpose, framing the brand new Panther Wall inside Freeman.

Make your gift, make your mark and get your name on the wall.

The Plan

  • Remove the 45 year old, deteriorating bleachers
  • Install new YC blue bleachers with better legroom
  • Include extra support to ensure long-term safety and use

The Panther Challenge

An anonymous donor is offering a $55,000 challenge—meaning your donation will be doubled! Earmark your YC gift for the bleachers and have a two-for-one impact for the Panthers.

The Sponsorship Options

  • Section for $5,500
  • Row for $550
  • Seat for $55
#55ForFreeman: Get involved with our social media campaign
  1. Record yourself making a trick shot.
  2. Either before or after your shot (up to you on when) mention the following:
  • Make a trick shot, donate 1 bleacher seat ($55) to the Freeman Bleacher Challenge. There is a 3:1 challenge going on right now so your gift actually counts as 3 seats!
  • Challenge 3 other people (fellow alumni, current coaches, former teammates) to donate a seat and make their own #55ForFreeman shot!
3. Post the video to Twitter and/or Facebook. Use the #55ForFreeman hashtag, tag @YCAthletics, and post the link.
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